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Family Picture

I ended up finishing my last post in just enough time to drive straight to work... so here are the pictures that I ment to post along with my last entry :) These are a few of our most recent professional family photos which were taken by my sister in law's dad. (Who did a great job!) I think it was Feb of this year, but I could be wrong. This is just a few streets behind my parent's house in the good ol' Thatcher desert... but being the "bike" family that we are, it is fitting. Its funny, because of all the family pictures we have taken, I think these are the best... and seriously.... we changed, drove around the corner, set up the bikes, smiled, and went home. And they are SO GOOD!!!! Ok so from L-R we have Me, Krysta, Dad (Mike), Mom (Mandy), Sean, Dallon, Tyrell, Javan, Janae & Makynna, and Shay. Since Tyrell and Janae have been married Dad has become Pops and Mom is now Mamma Aje (Let's face it, she would never be called grandma... and I love her for…