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3 Months

WOW!!! I can not believe that our little boys is already 3 months old! He is 14lbs 24" and the cutest kid I know! He has dicovered his voice... he coos all day long and love singing along to music-especially when daddy plays his guitar. He also laughed for the first time last week! It was so precious and halarious at the same time! He is very aware of things around him which makes it very fun for us. He loves his toys, especially this cute little gator that Mamma Aje got him. He has a pretty bad addiction to sucking on his hands. He hasnt landed on any one favorite finger yet (knock on wood) but he definately prefers them to a binky. He has the biggest smile and a dimple that makes me weak! His hair is just about gone, but hopefully it will grow back soon! I am going to learn how to use another source to post pictures because this way is too slow, so for now here a few updated pix!


We have already filled and had to empty the memory cards on both our camera because we are obsessed with Reef! These pictures are all from our very long stay in the hospital.

So, here's the scoop on Reef's entrance into the world. After experiancing major pain in my lower back and hips for about 2 days straight, we finally decided to go to the hospital Monday Dec 21st around 11pm. We were taken to triage to be examed. At this point I was at about 3cm! I was thrilled to know that I had made some progress. We spent the next hour walking around and made it to a 4. We were of course excited because even though I was already having extreme back pain, we were making progress. We were then admitted and decided to try to get some sleep. Tuesday morning arrived and Mama Aje was on her way. She gave me strict instructions to keep the baby in until she got there...boy would I regret agreeing to this! With the routine check ups through the night, we were getting disappointed becasuse I was…