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Reef Is Here!!!

Announcing the very exciting arrival of

Reef Alexander

Born December 23, 2009 @ 4:31am
8lbs 11oz, 22"


We love him so much and we are so excited to have him here! Millions of pictures to come!!!

Belly Shots by Erin Householder

I was able to do a maternity photo shoot with Erin while I was in town for my baby shower. I was so much fun. She is a fabulous photographer and I can't wait to use her more in the future. These are just a few of my favorites... they all turned out so good! Enjoy!!!

35 Weeks

I am 35 weeks today. Here is a picture from last week and today.... my belly sure is getting big!

Christmas Performances

I am so proud of all my dancers!!! The progress this semester has been really amazing. I am especially happy with the focus on memorization that has been put forth. As you all know, my baby boy is expected to come pretty much any time after Thanksgiving. This may cause me to miss a show or two depending on his timing. Please know that I feel confident in putting all my classes on stage, even in the event of my absense. I feel very blessed to have such amazing co-workers that have been willing to fill in for me if I cant be there. Thank you for your support durring my pregnancy... I have the best students/partents ever!!! That being said, I hope to be able to attend as much as physically possible!
Here is the schedule for all:

Higher Ground:In Class Performances
-Monday Nov 30th: 10-11am Ballet, 2:15-3:15pm Ballet
-Wed Dec 2nd: 10-10:30am Combo
-Thurs Dec 3rd: 9:30-10:30am Combo

We will have seating in the studio for guests to watch our entire class! We will hold a modified class to show you…

More Belly Pics

Many of the great bloggers I know faithfully take pictures every few weeks when they look super cute and post updates about their pregnancies.... I am not one of these people! lol. I just really never think about taking pictures of myself and dont really want to since the only day that I'm not in dance clothes is sunday. Anyhow, I appologize for not being a better pregancy blogger, so I hope that a few pics will do.

Maky's 2nd Bday

A few pictures from Maky's bday weekend.

Sean, Shay, and Dallon's Football Season

Sean and Dallon both had great football seasons and I was so glad that I actually got to watch both of them play! Shay is on the Spiritline, and of course she is just too cute for words! here are just a few pictures from some of their games.

Baby Shower in Mesa

I'll Catch Up... Someday!!!!

I'm sure that many of you can relate to the absolute madness that comes with preparing for a baby! I am almost 35 weeks and really starting to feel the reality of starting a family... we are so excited!!!! But of course with baby boy on his way very soon and recital season in full swing, I am so busy. Then to top it all off, my computer crashed this week.... I know, that's the word that came to my mind too! I am in Thatcher for the weekend, so I'm going to try to update as much as possible before we leave. In the mean time, I have re-opened my facebook account and I can access it from my phone, so I post pictures on there more often than here. Please feel free to friend me and check out the full albums from these posts! Here's what's been going on lately:

Had my baby shower in October at AZ Desert Dance where I teach. My mom and Shay were able to come up which was awesome. I got so much adorable and much needed baby stuff! I feel so blessed to have such great friend…

Dancing Sisters

So this week was probably the craziest day of my life! (I say this knowing that next week will probably top it) Just to give you an idea I had Picture Week in all my Higher Ground morning ballet/tap, and baby classes.... yes that's right- all 3 classes together -17 to be exact. We had rehearsal on stage in Globe Tues and Thurs. Then Friday after not getting into my bed from the madness of Thurs til after 1am, it was get a house and then drive back to Globe day!!! (But I did get to drive the boss's Tahoe which is also a bonus!) Friday my Globe girls performed at the Relay for Life and did great... but it was SO SO SO HOT! You can check out the sunburn on my legs for proof. I spent the night in Globe then we had our 2 shows today which was followed by running to my car and hurrying back to the valley... or so I thought. There was some sorta acciedent which shut off power in like half the city and I couldn't get gas since the pumps are electronic. So I had to do some crazy fa…