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Dancing Sisters

So this week was probably the craziest day of my life! (I say this knowing that next week will probably top it) Just to give you an idea I had Picture Week in all my Higher Ground morning ballet/tap, and baby classes.... yes that's right- all 3 classes together -17 to be exact. We had rehearsal on stage in Globe Tues and Thurs. Then Friday after not getting into my bed from the madness of Thurs til after 1am, it was get a house and then drive back to Globe day!!! (But I did get to drive the boss's Tahoe which is also a bonus!) Friday my Globe girls performed at the Relay for Life and did great... but it was SO SO SO HOT! You can check out the sunburn on my legs for proof. I spent the night in Globe then we had our 2 shows today which was followed by running to my car and hurrying back to the valley... or so I thought. There was some sorta acciedent which shut off power in like half the city and I couldn't get gas since the pumps are electronic. So I had to do some crazy fa…